Why Choose Learning Tree?

Learning Tree offers a high quality Christian education to students of all faiths from Pre-Kindergarten to eighth grade. High quality Christian education is precisely what students in Dalton need. In a recent Wall Street Journal report, Dalton was ranked number two in the nation for having the least educated population. Check out the full report here.  Learning Tree offers optimum learning opportunities because of its advantage of multi-grade classrooms and low teacher-to-student ratio. The small class sizes provide individualized attention that helps create a caring family atmosphere where our students gain a sense of community. Learning Tree’s environment nurtures and encourages cooperation and collaboration among students, parents, teachers, and administration as we all work together to grow our students to be more and more like Jesus.


The Benefits of Adventist Education

Around the world, in more than 6,700 schools and through the inspired efforts of more than 65,600 Adventist teachers, young lives experience spiritual transformation.  It happens in morning worships, in earnest prayers, in community service projects and mission adventures. In so many little ways each day, our children find God and a future on their journey to excellence.

Adventist Schools are a priceless investment in eternity. Spiritually, the testimonies and lives of teachers, students and families speak volumes. Academically, the numbers speak for themselves:

High school Graduates who attend college

          From Adventist Schools 85+% from Public 66%

High school Graduates who complete college degrees

         From Adventist Schools 80+% from Public 14%

Applicants accepted to medical schools

         From Adventist Schools 34% from Public 9%

Teachers certified

         From Adventist Schools Nearly 100% from Public 58%

Test Scores

To find out how Adventist Education test scores compare to other educational systems click here.

We have an Edge

We are an Adventist Edge School, which means we are a part a comprehensive improvement of Adventist education, from Early Childhood through grade 12 and sets the course for excellence in all areas.  Click Here to learn more.